Sauteed Red Cabbage with Apples and Onions

I realize the combination of cabbage, apples and onions may sound a little strange, but I promise you it’s so tasty! This recipe comes from Diane Sanfilippo, who happens to be one of my favorite paleo peeps! Actually, paleo or not, she’s just an awesome person. Her book, Practical Paleo was my lifesaver when we first took the leap. If you don’t have it, you totally should! What I appreciate so much about her is that although she is an authority on the paleo diet, she doesn’t believe in living so rigidly that you stress out over rules. If cheese doesn’t bother you, eat cheese! We want to be healthy and feel good, and part of that involves not stressing over what we “can’t eat.” Everyone should live in freedom to eat what they want to eat for goodness sakes. And ever since I made this cabbage the other night, it’s what I’ve been wanting to eat! Give it a try and you might be craving it a few days later too!

Click HERE for the recipe!