This blog is a collection of my experiences with recipes, diy, store bought products, family adventures and occasionally books. Food is the primary topic, and some recipes are my own, but most will be from other sites and I will always post links. I’m regularly asked for recipes and food ideas so I thought it would be helpful to keep them all in one place. This really is just a log of what I’m trying in the kitchen or with beauty products or other home projects. I might post a food recipe or a recipe for homemade deodorant. I’m also a penny pincher and will include any cost saving info in my recipes. Why pay more for something if you don’t have to?

The title is Today WE Tried, because everything is a group effort in our house. I’m married to Louis and we have two young boys, Luke and Fisher. The boys are getting old enough now to start helping a little with cooking and they’re always interested in whatever I’m doing. Louis is a great cook and I’ve loved sharing the kitchen with him for the last almost 10 years. He is always thrilled to eat whatever I concoct and is so grateful and complimentary. This is really helpful when our kids act like I’m trying to kill them if I offer a vegetable.

I hope you find some good ideas here!



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