Mexi Meatloaf – I don’t make the mini loaves. I just do a large loaf in a baking dish and it works just fine. I also don’t make the topping, but instead I use the best store bought salsa there is. You can buy the salsa at Costco for about half the price as a regular grocery store. This is a great change for typical meatloaf and I love the veggies in it!

Burgers with Sweet Potato Pancake Buns – There’s no recipe here for the actual burger. Hopefully you know how to grill or pan fry a patty of ground beef. The recipe here is for the sweet potato pancakes. It might sound strange, but these are my favorite choice for a hamburger bun. They’re delicious!!

Crockpot Balsamic Roast Beef – I’ve never made anything from this site that wasn’t delicious. This roast beef is no exception.

Hidden Veggie Meatloaf – A fresh take on meatloaf that will let you sneak veggies to your kiddos! Grain free and delicious!

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